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Van Straaten

Your chance to participate for free & secure a Tennis scholarship!  

Tennis Showcase Wildcards presented by Van Straaten

Top-level tennis players aged 15-20 years and the intention to play college tennis have the opportunity to qualify for a TSC Wildcard. The Wildcards will be handed out on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE BASIS and are very limited. At the bottom of the page, you can register for the Wildcard. All Wildcard recipients have to pay the registration fee for the Showcase in advance but will receive a full refund after successful participation. 


When can you apply for a Wildcard? 

If you fulfill at least one of the athletic criteria mentioned hereafter, you are able to register with a Wildcard:   
Female Players
UTR: 10.5+
ITF Junior Ranking: 1-300 

*National Ranking: Top 10 | Top  5 | Top 2 
Male Players 

UTR: 13+
ITF Junior Ranking: 1-300 
*National Ranking: Top 10 | Top  5 | Top 2 

*The national Ranking in your age group depends on the inhabitants of your country: 

More than 20 Million inhabitants - Top 10
Under 20 Million inhabitants - Top 5

Under 2 Million inhabitants - Top 2

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