Tennis Showcase 2019

presented by VAN STRAATEN

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We are extremely proud to officially announce the partnership with Van Straaten as the presenting partner of The Tennis Showcase 2019. The European headquarter is located in the Netherlands and the company also has offices in Germany and USA.


Van Straaten develops visual branding to allow for visual storytelling. They create flexible, sustainable visual brand experiences helping brands establish comfortable, healthy environments that inspire, activate and motivate. They cover all bases, from concept development to assembly. Worldwide. In their production centre at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport you will find state-of-the-art machinery, including the Durst Rhotex 500, one of the world’s only 5 meter sublimation printers. Their team of professionals will carefully guide your visual branding projects, from start to finish.


They support like-minded international brands with the creation of visual brand experiences, bringing brand stories to life. They create visual branding to improve the customer journey. They elevate corporate event branding with unique visual touches. They transform every environment into comfortable, motivating and healthy brand experiences. This results in visual brand excellence, ensuring that all stakeholders will ‘breath’ and ‘experience’ a brand.


Brand managers require flexibility to ensure the design of offices, interiors and retail outlets can be adapted quickly to marketing campaigns, new seasonal collections or important milestones. Van Straaten supports global brands with this challenge with a range of flexible, temporary visual branding solutions.


In an office environment, where comfort, function and branding come together, employees will be encouraged to be more creative, productive and inquisitive, whilst in a retail environment prospective customers will be positively activated to make that purchase.  At Van Straaten, they believe that visual branding is about more than telling brand stories. By creatively repurposing existing things and using healthy, environmentally and acoustic friendly solutions, create comfortable environments that inspire, activate and motivate.  



As a family business, the future generation is of importance to them.  They strongly believe that sustainability should be at the heart of everything we do in our industry. Being sustainable is not just about CO²-neutral offices and production facilities. Together with their customers they want to change our industry by being on the forefront of new developments when it comes to sustainability. Changing the industry means changing the way everyone in our industry approaches their business processes to ensure they develop visual branding with maximum impact on CSR goals.

With the partnership, the Tennis Showcase Team has followed its commitment to further increase the event experience and partner with strategic companies investing in the education of talented student-athletes and their future.

Welcome to the team Van Straaten!

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