As the Showcase - Solinco is back with our recruiting event in the Summer of 2019.


We are thrilled to announce that Solinco is a part of our uniexperts Tennis Showcase family for the second time in a row! As in 2018, Solinco is our official partner in the category of tennis equipment and strings.


Solinco develops high performance and quality tennis equipment like premium tennis strings, racquets or grips. They are also striving for “[...] supporting the growth of tennis internationally and making a positive impact on the local communities [...]” - exactly like we do!


With hundreds of matches played during the event weekend professional equipment support is key.


Look forward to finding awesome surprises powered by Solinco in your Welcome Bag! Search for more treats from Solinco during the event on site.


The whole uniexperts team would like to thank Solinco for supporting our Showcase two years (plus, for the next years!) and helping us reach our goals.

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