Road to Showcase by BidiBadu

Partnership for the next three years confimred

For this year’s Tennis Showcase 2020 in Cologne, Germany, we have again partnered up with the sportswear brand “BIDIBADU”, but this time we have planned something special: “Road to Showcase”.


First things first, if you do not know our partner yet, now is the time! BidiBadu is more than a regular clothing brand, but a lifestyle that perfectly shows the crazy passion for sports. Their eye-catching colors generate attention on and off the court, especially in the sometimes old-fashioned tennis world.

Time to shake things up! 

For BidiBadu, winning is great, that’s for sure, but playing and the joy that comes along is what matters most. Additionally, respect, fairness, honesty, and most of all being crazy is what BidiBadu stands for. Inspired by the feeling of togetherness of a young generation of athletes, they combine everything in their slogan “Life is BidiBadu”. We are already BidiBadu and proud of it!

Now is the time to show your true colors and join Team BidiBadu to become the face of our new journey “Road to Showcase by BidiBadu”. 


You are a social media enthusiast between 14 and 18, plan on going to the US as a college athlete, and want to experience the uniexperts Tennis Showcase 2020? This is your chance! 

Present your journey and receive: 

  • Showcase admission for the 2020 edition, July 16th-19th 

  • Bidibadu clothing package valued at around 250€  

  • Photoshooting at the Bidibadu headquarters in Cologne, Germany 


Your adventure will include interviews with former and current college athletes to gain insight on their Showcase experience, recruiting process, and overall college life. Go live with Sports and Education specialist from uniexperts, providing you with best practices to get the most out of your showcase. Make this your road and keep everyone updated! 

Find out more and sign up to become the face of our Road to Showcase by BidiBadu: 


We are thrilled to have you join us on this mission! 

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And don't forget to checkout BidiBadu's website and their new collection "Urban Instinct".

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