We would like to welcome a new sponsor to our team for the Tennis Showcase 2019 – Neuro4Sports!

The company located in Nuolen, Switzerland has set itself the goal to “achieving peak performance for individual and team sportsmen”, making them the perfect fit for our event.

Neuro4Sports developed a psychological analysis for athletes that opens the door to the hidden personality traits of success. How to athletes react under pressure? Who can carry others along or take the lead when the situation becomes critical? What players will fight to the end to avert a threatening defeat? How high is the team members’ stress resistance?

With their concept, they refer to a quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of “The Little Prince”, stating “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”, meaning that traits like skill or fitness are important visible attributes, but one important trait, the personality, is not. And Neuro4Sports is there to analyze it.

They provide 3 different types:

Individual Analysis

This analysis determines the automatic programs that are created in a human brain, meaning that attributes like mental strength are being tested.


Team Analysis

Here, the test focusses more on team performance and interaction of individuals in a team, since this is detrimental to any team sport.


1-on-1 Comparison

Differences, whether between players or between players and coaches are present in every team. Due to the 1-on-1 comparison the causes can be found quickly and effectively.


With their personality analysis you gain insights into the mental resources of athletes and you can make teams and athletes even more successful.


If you want to learn more about Neuro4Sports and their personality analysis, check out their info booth at the Showcase or their website.


Thank you Neuro4Sports for being part of the Showcase team!

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