Leo B. Peschl Classic Sports Cars

2019-05 Logo Leo B Peschl Classic Sports

We are thrilled that Leo B. Peschl Classic Sports Cars will be part of this year's Tennis Showcase. The team of Leo B. Peschl will be live on site during the event. Meet them at out sponsors village:


Our objective is to provide excellent, professional service to the enthusiasts of classic Maserati and Jaguar sports cars. In particular, we want to offer our services to owners, who have limited time to spare to maintain their cars and are looking for a workshop that takes care of their sports car to keep it in excellent condition and to ensure maximum possible service quality.

Our highly dedicated team is committed to the values of honesty and transparency, faithfulness to deadlines and top quality at a fair price level.

With our partnership, we are connecting one the elements of our core philosophy with tennis: What is created by hand is a testimony of the soul.

We are connecting unique cars with exceptional people and fulfill "boys' dreams."

We would like to support all young players with their enthusiasm and excellence performance to achieve an international education as a base for an exceptional future.

Our motto for the players: Once something is a passion, the motivation is there.

For more information visit their website.

We would like to thank Leo B. Peschl for supporting the Showcase! Welcome!

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