The Tennis Showcase by uniexperts is back - 16-19 July 2020 - Cologne, Germany  

Cologne, 2020. Looking back at the third weekend in July 2019, we and all participants experienced days filled with high-quality tennis, networking between players and coaches and players and our partner companies and starting new friendships. 


At the 6th edition in 2019, 115 players from all over the world and more than 40 US College Coaches participated.  

To continue with what we have started in 2014 we are happy to announce the next step in our development of the showcase. The 7th edition of uniexperts College Tennis Showcase will take place from July 16-19, 2020 at the TC Weiden in Cologne, Germany! 


As in the previous editions each player is able to showcase his/her tennis talent in front of US College Coaches and benefit from building strong networks in the world of College Tennis. Besides of showing off their skills, players can join seminars and Q&A-Sessions led by tennis experts and former college athletes. They are happy to provide insider views on the life of a student athlete and will give advice on how to properly prepare for it.  

Definitely a unique chance to get a glimpse at the journey to a successful college life in the US. 


But what’s new in 2020? 

We added three new items to the Showcase event agenda in 2020. 


For the first time, we will already start on Thursday to offer a Preparation Day for Showcase participants. 

The event focuses on preparing players mentally and physically for the Showcase and College Tennis. On top of that, our uniexperts placement specialists will have a workshop with helpful insights on how to communicate with coaches, how to behave during the matches and simply how to make the most out of the showcase. 


Additionally, we host our first Career Day, which focuses on helping to take the first steps towards the career after college experience by getting in touch with a variety of companies. The workshops. Talks and presentations take on topics such as how to create applications and how to successfully enter the job market. 


The stars of tomorrow will be able to play with a college coach from the US to get a feeling of where tennis can bring you in life. For the college stars of tomorrow, we host a Kids Day.  

We want to help kids with connecting with the tennis, supporting the improvement of cognitive and motoric development, which is the foundation of a successful future. 

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We’re looking forward to meeting you and watching you play at our next Tennis Showcase! 

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