Why should you choose College Tennis as your next step in life?

What does it offer you, that sets it apart from a tennis career in your country?  

Scholarship System 

First of all, the sports scholarship system in the United States is unique. In most countries, there is a strict separation between athletics and academics, which means that you have to set your priorities on one goal, either your sports career or your academic career. Whereas in the US, colleges offer you the possibility of caring for both sides the same way.  

Social Aspects

But don’t worry, the academic side isn’t the only one that offers massive benefits. The social aspect can’t be disregarded either.

In #collegetennis , a team is more than just a team you meet for your daily training sessions. You live with the team, you travel with the team and you will probably spend your time off with the team, since they will be very close to you. These factors will lead to intense bonding and long-lasting friendships extending beyond sports and academics. On top of that, the support for your team will be quite different as well. The identification with the local college team is huge in the US with people being proud to represent the college and wear their colors and gear. The amount of people that could support you in one of your tennis matches is probably unheard of in local German tennis teams.

You will also have many opportunities for networking by meeting renowned coaches from all over the US, agents and other players, who all might help with later moments in your tennis career. (Key word: Becoming a pro😊)  



Other factors are the training sessions and facilities at US colleges. Equipped with the newest technology and highest standards, US colleges offer you the best you can get. They also work extremely hard on your fitness levels and skill levels, giving you the opportunity to maximize your qualities as much as you can and reaching new heights. 


So, if you don’t intend to go pro right after high school with no backup plan, but you want to further your tennis career as well as your academic career, College Tennis is the way to go. And #TSC2019 will give you a first hint at what to expect as college student athlete in the US.  

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